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About Us

Welcome To Peekay Metal Corporation

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as the Manufacturer, Stockist & Supplier Since last three decades in Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Nickel Alloy, and Other Ferrous & Non-Ferrous metals In the Shape Of Flanges, Sheets & Plates, Pipes, Tubes, Pipe Fittings, Fasteners Etc. of Various Sizes, Range, Type, Schedule and Class.

We are Supplying regularly as per various standards to various core sector industries such as Refineries, Gas Processing, Petrochemicals, Hydro-Carbon, Fertilizers, Power Generation, Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Steel, Cement, Pesticides, General piping Contractor, Engineering plus other related Allied industries through renowned Internationally Recognized Third Party Inspection Agencies & Consultants.

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We are well-known for being the fastest supplier and providing deliveries with the shortest supplying time.

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